Brandon Wilkins was born in Torrance, CA. His whole life has been about music and self expression. His father was a successful instrument tech and tour manager for many world-class performers including Pat Metheny, David Sanborn, Pat Benetar, James Taylor, and Quiet Riot. In this environment, Brandon was surrounded by the music of influential musicians and developed a great ear for quality from day one.

His mother worked for Roland, the electronic musical instrument company. Through Roland, Brandon met many inspiring professionals who helped him prepare for his career in music. It was recommended to him that he attend the Berklee College of Music 5-week summer program to see if he wished to apply for study there. Upon attendance in 2010, Brandon immediately felt at home. He was accepted to Berklee and started his formal education in the fall of 2011. Finally, he was amongst his peers: eager, hard-working musicians pursuing their dreams.

“Berklee was a heady time of uninhibited growth for me. I met so many like-minded people, who inspired me to push harder every day. I was told from day one that I create my Berklee experience, but I didn’t quite understand what it meant at the time. After going through the motions for my first few semesters, I finally understood that the only way to succeed in school was to make my own opportunities and put my heart into every moment of the process. Then and only then, did I start getting gigs and developing a reputation. My experience at Berklee was invaluable and has carried me much farther than I ever dreamed."

Upon gradation from Berklee, Brandon received a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Composition and Performance. He briefly lived in New York, to get his feet wet, but did not hit his stride until moving to Kansas City in 2017. Brandon’s passion has now placed him in the heart of the music scene as a rising star with a solid reputation. His voice sings above the white noise and echoes through the streets. While extraordinarily mature for his age, his virtuosic technique, pure tone, and playfulness sets him apart from his peers. Brandon is continually evolving and utterly captivating. The future looks bright for Brandon as he takes on exciting new projects.

Brandon has performed with many artists, including George Garzone, Phil Wilson, Bobby Watson, Tivon Pennicott, Anat Cohen, and bands including the David Berger Big Band and the Kansas City Jazz Orchestra.

Brandon’s Setup

Brandon plays a number of horns made by Selmer, Yamaha, Sankyo, Pearl, F. Lorée, and Fox. His mouthpieces include products from Ted Klum, Meyer, Vandoren, and Beechler.

Primary Horn:
Selmer Super Balanced Action Tenor 49,xxx
Ted Klum Tonamax HR 7*
Vandoren ZZ, Strength #3
Vandoren Optimum Ligature

Soprano, Alto, and Baritone Saxophones
Piccolo, Flute, and Alto Flutes
Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
Oboe, Engligh Horn, and Bassoon
EWI and Aerophone



Shed Corner

This section of the site is dedicated to educational materials. It is my goal to continually expand this page and create an invaluable resource for the studying musician. All of these materials are totally free. If you get value out of these resources, please consider donating (bottom of page).

I owe a big thanks to Charles McNeal and David Valdez for providing such an amazing tools for all of us learning musicians. I used to spend hours everyday practicing from your transcriptions and I Iearned so much about the players I love. I wouldn’t be the musician I am today without your hard work and I hope that I can give back in some way by providing the same for others. Thank you to Charles, David, and to many others! 


Below are the transcriptions I’ve completed out of my own interest and fascination. If you’d like something transcribed for you, i.e. solos, chords, arrangements, you can contact me at and I’d be happy to discuss details and pricing.

Transcriptions are in Concert, Bb, and Eb

Aaron Parks:
A Shifting Design - Star of Jupiter (BbEb)
Mr. Hope - Star of Jupiter (BbEb)

Kurt Rosenwinkel:
East Coast Love Affair - Reflections (BbEb )

Sonny Stitt:
Cherokee - Sonny Stitt with the New Yorkers (BbEb)


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